Types of aeroplanes based on the number of engines

The invention of an aeroplane is one of the most awe-inspiring examples of what human mind is capable of. Looking back at one of those days when wheels were one of the buzz inventions of the time, from that rolling down to the aeroplane, we will never fail to capture how fascinating the world and human beings are.

Erven though aeroplanes have already been around for quite a while, many of us are not aware of their basic design. This article will introduce you to the processes allowing aeroplanes to fly and and will show you one of the categorisations of aircraft.

The design behind aero engines

It is worth noting that an aircraft engine is also commonly referred to as an aero engine. All aeroplanes are able to fly because they are powered by some sort of propulsion. This is typically called an “aircraft propulsion system”.

Propulsion is a mechanism in which a propeller rotates and the rotation motion produces significant power enough to push the object this mechanism is built-in. In this case, it is an aeroplane that is forced forward. This is basically the core concept kept as short and easy as possible to understand for non-engineers or technical people.

Aero engines have gone through remarkable changes throughout their life span. Talking about engines, there are basically two types of engine residing inside a plane. Depending on a particular type of an engine, we can distinguish two categories of aeroplanes.

Single-engine planes

The first one is a single-engine plane and the other one is a multi-engine plane. They both have their pros and cons.

For single engine planes, the main advantage is the fact they are pretty cheap and can be purchased by the general people with the amount of income that they can maintain an aeroplane. These single engine aeroplanes are also inexpensive to maintain, therefore a low cost maintenance is its noticeable characteristic.

Still, these are low-performance planes mostly, although, there are single engine aeroplane that are quite good at performance and operating its speed.

Multi-engine planes

Nonetheless, when it comes down to performance, and if you are looking for action stuff with high performance rad, multi-engine aircraft beats the hell out of the single-engine aircraft in terms of performance and speed. More engine translates into more power. More power means more speed and high acceleration and swift zig-zag.

Another noticeable feature is its safety issue. Multi-engine aircraft is generally safer than the aircraft of the single-engine type. In case of an engine failure, you will always have one more engine to safely get you to a quick landing site without blowing up a block and your life up. To re-ensure safety, multi-engine aircraft often comes with additional components to back you up in case of an engine failure such as a multiple starter generator.