Is the time of air travel really extending?

If you have been travelling by plane for quite a long time and frequently choose the flights to the same destinations, you might feel as if the flights have become longer. Of course, spending time locked inside a plane especially when something is bothering you, might feel like eternity. Yet, is it true that something […]

When should you book your flights?

For many travellers, purchasing tickets for airplane flights is the most expensive part of their trip. Depending on the distance and location, such tickets might turn out to be rather costly for you. It is natural that you might be willing to purchase your tickets for as small amount of money as possible, however, it […]

How to Travel Cheap by Plane

Are you bored in your house that you plan to go out of town but also want to travel at a cheap price? Well, I’ve got good news for you! I am here to tell you tips and ways on how to have an inexpensive trip. Be Flexible with Travel Dates and Time You may […]

Best Destinations to Visit by Plane

In a world full of beautiful and mesmerizing places, it is hard for us to choose where to travel, right? That is why in this article, I will talk to you about the “best” destinations worth traveling for. You can use these recommendations to add up to your bucket list! South Island, New Zealand From […]

5 Tips When Flying on an Airplane

Are you traveling via airplane for the first time? Or are you just looking for tips to improve your quality of travel? Worry no more because I got you covered. I will list down some common tips that you need when flying on a plane.   Organize your backpack   Remember to always take time […]

Are Planes Better than Ships?

Every time you travel especially from country to country, or continent to continent, you only have two basic choices of transportation: flying on an airplane or sailing on a ship. Both choices will get you to your destination. However, there is a pondering question at the top of our heads: which one is better? When […]

Is Flying Safer?

Safety is at the top of our concerns when traveling, especially with long-distance travel. Each time we travel we decide whether we drive our car, take passenger boats or ships and fly in an airplane. But did you know that traveling in an airplane is the safest out of all other choices?   Of course, […]