The major reasons for air flights to become longer

In the previous article we have been talking about a phenomenon of the modern days. Despite the technological progress, people are now spending more time on a flight than they used to. A perfect example for this tendency is the flight from London to Edinburgh. Today, a passenger will spend 1 hour 25 minutes on […]

Is the time of air travel really extending?

If you have been travelling by plane for quite a long time and frequently choose the flights to the same destinations, you might feel as if the flights have become longer. Of course, spending time locked inside a plane especially when something is bothering you, might feel like eternity. Yet, is it true that something […]

Curious facts about airports

Airports have very large infrastructure and a lot is happening on their premises. No wonder there are many curious facts about them. This article will let you know something new which you might have never heard about! What happens to the lost luggage in airports? As you can imagine, there is a lot of lost […]