Experience The Magic City: Why Furnished Apartments Are The Best Way To Stay In Miami

What’s the best way to plan your stay in Miami? It’s simple, go for a furnished monthly apartment. Whether you’re thinking of a vacation or travelling for work, short-term rentals seem to be the future of a comfortable stay.

Still, need a little convincing? Keep reading so your visit to the Magic City is worth every penny.

You Meet Your Needs More Easily

Since hotels and most other accommodations are made with uniformity in mind, they might lack certain features. On top of that, you might feel like you have to settle for a cramped room while spending a lot of money.

Opting for a short-term rental makes a huge difference in this regard, because you can choose what you want. If you want to share with someone, there’s an option for that, or if you want to rent a whole property, you can do that too.

There’s a lot of flexibility with most properties; you can also make special requests if needed. For example, if you need a wheelchair ramp to be installed anywhere. Most landlords are fairly amiable and helpful so long as you reach out to them.

You Get More Space

As mentioned above, many hotel rooms might be much smaller than you expect because they’re expensive. This is largely because Miami is such a popular tourist destination. Since people flock to the city for its beaches, there are usually droves of people racing to get bookings. Hotels raise their prices because demand is ready to meet them.

The consequence is paying several thousand dollars for a hotel room that barely has any space. While hotels can be nice, it doesn’t make sense to willingly opt for a cramped space when you could use a short-term rental instead.

They’re always well-furnished and provide you with as much space as possible. As we mentioned above, you can customise your stay a little. So, if you need more space, you can rent accordingly. And the same rule applies to needing less space.

Lighter On The Wallet

And, of course, it would be remiss to ignore the financial aspects of rentals over hotels. Hotels are developed with amazing facilities and amenities, but you must pay large sums to avail of any of them. This leads to feeling underwhelmed since you’re only sleeping at the hotel but not making the most of it. And if you do end up shelling out the cash, you’re limited to moving around the hotel and not seeing much of what Miami offers.

Having a short-term rental, however, makes this easier. Since you’d be paying much less, you can spend it on other aspects of your trip. And you’re able to explore more freely.

More Amenities For Less

Building off the financial aspect, furnished short-term rentals also boast amazing amenities. And you don’t need to pay extra to make the most of them. The rent includes their cost, so you can leisurely enjoy yourself.

And when we say amenities, we don’t mean basic things like Wi-Fi or electric kitchens. The amenities in Miami could be a Jacuzzi, a home theatre, a home gym, and other exciting facilities.

This way you save even more money because you don’t need to go out and spend on these things. You can enjoy them from the comfort of your rental home.

Feels A Lot Like Home

And speaking of home, rentals will always feel more wholesome and comforting. Hotels have to present a premium image with expensive-looking furniture. But furnished rentals feel more relatable and welcoming. It feels like a space that’s imbued with life in every corner.

Perfect For Families

And, of course, families have an easier time managing their trip. Rather than discussing this in a vacuum, let’s put it in the context of the whole article.

Every benefit listed here is fifty times more impactful for families planning their stay than individuals. Since a family has multiple people with differing needs and preferences, finding the perfect hotel room can feel like a bother.

But when furnished rentals are available, a lot of those worries disappear. Since you spend less money and have access to as much space as you need, the stay instantly becomes more convenient to plan out and handle logistics.

On top of that, if you bring along small children, they’ll be more easily entertained in a furnished rental than in a hotel. Since many hotels have strict rules about children running around, the rental will likely feel more welcoming.


And that’s a wrap! Thanks for going on this journey with us, where we explore the benefits of short-term rentals in Magic City.

Now you know that furnished rental apartments in Miami are cheaper than hotels, offer various amenities with no strings attached, and allow you to book as much space as you need without exorbitant prices.