10 Items You Are Not Allowed to Bring On A Plane

Packing things to leave on an airplane or bringing a souvenir with you to give to yourself or your family must be a lot of fun. However, there are some things you need to know first before you pack it up. 

Liquids over 100ml

These days, liquids are known to be prohibited in the airport. However, implementations might change. All liquid containers must not be bigger than 100ml and should fit in a one-fourth zip-top plastic bag.

Sharp objects

Sharp objects like scissors, knife, cutter, and sword are banned in carry-on luggage since it can be a weapon. If you need to bring one like a knife, it should be securely packed in your checked luggage.

Sports equipment

Sports equipment like golf clubs, baseball bats, and ski poles are prohibited in carry-on luggage. Just like sharp objects, this equipment may be used as a weapon and are dangerous. I suggest renting equipment at your destination is a better choice.


Fake or real, guns are strictly prohibited on a plane. Guns are a weapon. Even if your kid is bringing a toy gun, rules are rules. Furthermore, guns that are empty and locked in a hard-sided container, then guns are permitted in the checked luggage.

Self-defense items

Self-defense items like pepper spray are banned on aircraft. TSA considered this as a weapon, so you better leave it at home.

Flammable Items

Starting a fire on an airplane is not a good idea. Leave your lighters, matches, and other items that can explode at home. 


Caring about how you smell is good. However, others might not like the smell of your perfume. Some are even allergic to it. Spray perfume after you get out on the plane so that the person sitting next to you can easily breathe during the flight.


Some of the tools are prohibited on the plane. However, you need to put them on checked luggage, if ever you are planning on bringing some of your tools.

Portable chargers exceeding 160Wh

Power banks that exceed 160 Wh are prohibited for fear of fire risks. Furthermore, rechargeable battery packs are also not allowed in checked-in baggage and should be carried in cabin luggage only.

Alcoholic beverages over 140

Passengers are allowed one liter of alcohol. However, alcohol over 140 proof or 70% abv is prohibited, since it can cause a fire.