Dissection of an aeroplane

If you are interested in learning more about airplanes, this article will be a great source of information on the most essential parts of aircraft. Here, we are going to get into the action part of the insight into the aeroplane. There are various types of aeroplanes and their purpose depends on the kind of aeroplane it is, however, there are common important parts that make up an aircraft. This is what we are going to look at now with this brief description.

Jet engine

The most significant development in the course of the aeroplane development was the invention of a jet engine. A jet engine turned the tide of the whole aeroplane and started the supersonic transporting system. The very first jet aircraft was the iconic Boeing 747. It was a remarkable invention and leap forward in the history of aeroplane. The magnificent aircraft which was capable of the supersonic transport was the Concorde.


A propeller is also called a screw and airscrew for the aeroplane. This is because, a propeller works much like an ordinary screw that we used inside our house or anywhere such. A propeller is a machinery concept that helps an object to move forward by the help of a medium, which could be a liquid or gas. A propeller usually has two to four or more twisted blades. The whole blades stick out from the centre of the engine. There are three common types of aviation engines are used to power up these elements, such as reciprocating engines or, as we also know them, the piston engines, gas turbines and the electric motors.

Reciprocating engine

A reciprocating engine is also the most commonly known as a piston engine. This engine works in a reciprocal motion of the pistons. There are different types of reciprocating engines available for aircraft. The variety includes radial reciprocating engines, in-line reciprocating engines and flat reciprocating engines. Each of them, of course, has their own unique characteristics and use cases.

Gas turbine

A gas turbine is also called a combustion engine. This is a continuous and internal combustion engine. There are most common shared elements are noticed between all gas turbine engines such as an upstream rotating gas compressor, a combustor and a downstream turbine on the shaft of the compressor.

These are engines primarily used in most of the aircraft and of course, there are more to this.