5 Common Reasons For A Plane Crash

Aviation accidents or plane crash, as we commonly know them, are perhaps one of the most terrifying and devastating events that could happen to someone, specifically passengers. Although the total number of plane crashes has decreased over the past few decades, there is still a very small chance of it happening, and when it does, the aftermath is extremely frightening.

What causes all these plane crashes? Annoyingly, there is never one single answer to this question. The causes of plane crashes can be traced to several reasons. Here are some of the most common causes and reasons as to why an airplane crashes:


Pilot Error

Pilot error is perhaps considered the number one reason for plane crashes. Pilots heavily influence the aircraft itself. The term “pilot error” refers to the action or decision on the part of the pilot (or co-pilot) that can lead to an accident. They are the ones who are responsible for maneuvering the aircraft, along with the souls on board.



Flying an aircraft becomes way more difficult and dangerous in bad weather. Bad weather can disrupt the devices and machinery inside the aircraft and this leads to accidents. Although the weather is rarely involved in a plane crash, pilots still need to be wary for the reason that the weather is unpredictable.


Design and Mechanical Failure

The design and materials used in manufacturing an aircraft are some of the factors for plane crashes. Poor designing and sub-standard materials can lead to improper functioning of the aircraft and its types of machinery.



Sabotages such as terrorist attacks and plane hi-jacking is one of the most dreadful causes of plane crashes. They either secretly plant bombs inside the aircraft or they board the planes themselves and cause panic and destruction aboard the plane.


Mid-air Collisions

Mid-air collisions refer to an aircraft accident involving direct contact with another object while flying. This could be caused by other planes, debris, and even birds.