5 Reasons Why Planes are Better than Cars


If you ask travelers and explorers the question: “Are planes better than cars?”, there is a certainty that the majority will say planes are better than cars, but why? How is it that air travel is better than land travel?

You may have thought that traveling by plane is much more dangerous than driving. Well, according to statistics, most travel accidents are caused by cars. This is just one factor, together let us learn some common reasons why planes are better than cars.


Gives more comfort

When traveling via airplanes, you can stand, walk around, watch movies, eat and you could even sleep. Whereas with driving, you must sit still not only for minutes but for hours and hours depending on the distance. With planes, you can just relax and lie down but with driving, you have to be aware constantly of the surroundings.


Less air pollution

If you are worried about your carbon footprint when traveling, say no more. When talking about pollution, planes are significantly better than cars. They have much lesser carbon emissions compared to cars. This is because they use a much cleaner fuel than those of automobiles.


Safer means of travel

It may have crossed your mind that traveling by plane is way more dangerous than driving. After all, the results of a plane crash are considered catastrophic, with lower chances of survival and more injuries than a car crash. However, a plane is a very rare occurrence. The chances of a plane crashing is only 1 in 189,000 compared to land vehicle crashes which is 1 in 103. The reason for this is that planes are constantly being maintained, repaired and they have devices used for detecting collisions.


Can travel across countries with ease

This is a very obvious reason why planes are better than cars. Planes can easily go over countries, harsh terrains, and even oceans and seas; cars cannot. Planes are also a more convenient way when traveling long distances like across countries since there is hardly any traffic and nothing to worry about a flat tire.


Price range

It is already a fact that a plane ticket can be expensive, however, when talking about the comfort and the travel distance, it is worth it. And if you think about it, the cost for the repairs, tune-ups, and even the gas price for the cars will stack up and will just cost you equally to – it not more than a single plane ticket.