7 Airplane Pollution Facts


Contributes to Climate Change


Passenger and jet airplanes, like all other vehicles, emit carbon dioxide, one of the most common greenhouse gas that heavily contributes to global warming and climate change. Even though they do not use the same type of fuel used in cars, trains, and boats, the gas emitted from the airplanes will stay inside the atmosphere and helps in increasing the temperature.


Aviation Noise


One of the most straightforward impacts of airplanes is noise pollution. It could be from the rumble of their engines and jets or the buzzing of their multiple lights. Planes are heavy influencers to noise pollution starting from the propellers and the engine blades and the combustion of fuel.


Fewer Pollutants than Cars


Did you know that planes have fewer air pollutants compared to cars? Well, this is because more cars are being driven all around the world compared to the planes flying. Another factor for this is that it stems from the type of fuel they use. The fuel used in cars is much more potent and emits more greenhouse gases than those of airplanes.


Planes versus Ships


If planes are still causing harm to the environment then we should find another means of travel like boats, and cruise ships, maybe? Well according to a recent research study, cruise ships and boats, emits 3 to 4 times more carbon dioxide and other greenhouses than that planes. What’s worse is that huge ships dispose of some of their toxic waste into the ocean.


Switching to Electric Powered Planes


Due to the effects and influence, they have on our environment, some airports and organizations switch their fuel-powered airplanes to electric powered. Although this is still not fully implemented, this is still considered a big consideration for aviation organizations to prevent the further effects of global warming.


Pollution by Percentage


Did you know that the aviation industry only produces two percent of all human-induced carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions worldwide? Cars on the other hand produce about twenty-four percent of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.




Contrails are the term used for water vapor which is a product from jet fuel consumption. This also contributes to a minimal direct warming impact. However, it does not last long because it freezes immediately when the atmospheric temperature is cold enough.