Is Flying Safer?

Safety is at the top of our concerns when traveling, especially with long-distance travel. Each time we travel we decide whether we drive our car, take passenger boats or ships and fly in an airplane. But did you know that traveling in an airplane is the safest out of all other choices?


Of course, it has crossed our minds that flying is much more dangerous than driving because of the results of a plane crash. After all, accidents involving planes are much more catastrophic, have a higher number of deaths and injuries, and costs more damage than that of a car. Well according to statistics traveling via airplanes is the safest and I will provide you with facts about the safety of air travel.


There is no other form of transportation that is as investigated and monitored as commercial air travel. Every single piece of equipment, machinery, and device that is used to fly an airplane went through a very extensive examination and testing. The aviation industry does this to ensure a very safe flight for the passengers. Compare this to cars. You see cars that are so old you are wondering how it is still running. And some drivers think they own the road and speed off with their cars recklessly. Whereas the airline pilots undergo intense training and education to be a real pilot that can maneuver a commercial plane.


Another factor to look into is the statistics of accidents via vehicles. In a year, there is at least 22% to 30% of car accidents. And the number of deaths by automobile accidents is at 500,000 annually. Now when we look at commercial flights, the percentage of having an accident per year is only at 2%. The number of deaths is only at below 200, respectively.


I am not here trying to instill fear in our common ways of travel which are automobiles. What I am doing is only providing you with facts and knowledge about the safety of air travel. To believe what I have written down is your own choice. However, there is nothing wrong with educating ourselves about the things we don’t know about. Just like the safety of air travel. Remember, before we decide what to believe in, let us look into the other side of the story first.