Backpacking in Florida?  – Here’s what you need to know

Florida is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the US for various reasons. For many Americans, it’s the perfect escape for a holiday, with gorgeous beaches, warm weather, and a tropical Caribbean feel to it. Florida has many world-famous attractions, which alone is also the cause of people flocking there. But what about the backpackers? Is it still a place to go and explore? Absolutely!

 The Sunshine State is well known for its theme park, alligators, pristine beaches, lux lifestyle, and cozy, colorful fisherman villages. Now, you might wonder if it’s even possible to travel around with your backpack on and make Florida more budget-friendly, but the answer is definitely  ‘yes’. It’s mostly about how you choose to travel, as well as when, due to the high seasons. Here’s what you need to know.

Visiting the theme parks

If you’re dreaming about visiting the world’s most famous theme park, Walt Disney, you should take a few nights in Orlando, if not more. Orlando is the theme park capital of the world and home to The Magic Kingdom. Disney World has four theme parks, so make sure you have enough time to explore these. The four parks are ‘Disney Hollywood  Studios’, ‘Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park’, ‘Magic Kingdom Park’ and ‘Epcot’.

It can be quite an expense to visit these parks, with tickets starting at $109 per day for just 1 park. Remember there are four to explore as well. Disney Resorts are a great experience, but if you want to save money, you should be staying off-site accommodation-wise. There are many other accommodation options in the city, such as great Orlando resorts with lots of facilities. In Orlando, you will also find aquariums, amusement parks, and Kennedy Space Center, if you want to explore outer space and get educated. CLICK HERE to read and learn more.

Miami on a budget

As with any other place in the world, some destinations are just more affordable than others. You might wish to experience Miami, but this is also one of the more expensive places to see. As Miami is divided and split into different areas with several streams and rivers, some places are also cheaper than others.

If you want to save a bit of money, you should consider staying Downtown instead of South Beach and Miami Beach. Getting around town can be done cheaply by riding around on a bicycle or using public transportation. If you have a car, be aware that parking can cost as much as $7 per hour. Food prices can be quite costly in many places, but make sure you check out Little Havana for delicious and more affordable food. Don’t miss out on the Cuban Sandwich, which is a must-try.

Cheap destinations around Florida

If you have the time and money to go and explore more of sunny Florida, New Smyrna Beach would be a great choice. Especially if you want some relaxed beach time. This beach is located on the central coast and is only about an hour’s drive away from Orlando. At New Smyrna Beach, you can try surfing and cool parks and wildlife. This place is very cheap compared to many other places in the US, as well as neighboring Daytona Beach.

Another gem in Florida you can visit on a budget is ‘Marathon’. This destination is located on the way to The Keys, about midway there. It’s a great place to camp and chill in hammocks at an affordable and laid-back cost. You can go kayaking, snorkeling, or even visit the Turtle Hospital if you’re an animal lover. Visit Sombrero Beach for a swim or bike to the Seven Mile Bridge.

Go inland to Ocala

If you need a break from the beach and want to experience life more inland, Ocala is a great destination. Ocala is in central Florida and is known for natural forests, amazing wildlife, farm life, canyons, and much more.

Florida is without any doubt a fantastic destination, which is suitable for all ages. If you do want to save money, consider going outside the high season, which is March-May and June-September.