IT recruitment by Sowelo – way to the best staff with technical competencies

Every company wants to succeed in the market and be better than its competitors. There’s no denying that in order to do so, you definitely need high-class specialists. However, they are not easy to find these days. Representatives of various industries complain about the shortage of top talents. Therefore, it is worth using the services of professional recruiter agency, as such a decision can dramatically change the situation of your company.

What is cooperation with Sowelo based on? How to start it? What experience does the company and its employees have? A lot of valuable information about Sowelo’s activities, which have been going on for more than 15 years, can be found on the company’s website. The process of finding the best talent in the talent pool here is quick and efficient. Sowelo offers many services that are useful to any company. These include IT recruitment Poland, Executive Search, Employer Branding, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, IT Contracting, Recruitment Process Assessment and Talent Market Mapping.

Unsuccessfully trying to find specialists? In-house recruiters are not working out? If your answer to these questions above is affirmative, it’s time to use the services of qualified and experienced recruitment professionals.

IT recruitment Poland with Sowelo step by step

Sowelo Consulting offers its clients a full package of services. The initial stage of cooperation with headhunters is to determine the client’s needs. At this point it is necessary to define the candidate profile and the locations from which the company will recruit candidates. The next stage is contacting with carefully selected candidates. Thanks to their contacts, Sowelo consultants can find a suitable candidate very quickly and contact them right away. Headhunters present the candidate to the client. If the client’s final decision is positive, the candidate is invited for an interview. This is briefly what IT recruitment Poland conducted in cooperation with Sowelo recruitment agency looks like.

What’s more, the chances of finding real talent increase even more, as the company tailors its recruitment strategy to the project in question. Interview questions or the way candidates are evaluated are conducted according to clients’ preferences and guidelines. In its operations, Sowelo focuses on building a relationship with the principal based on partnership.

Also noteworthy is the 6-month guarantee period that Sowelo provides to those who use its services including IT recruitment Poland. Under this guarantee, Sowelo assists its clients in finding a new competent person for the position in case the candidate proposed by the agency has failed or resigned within the already mentioned 6 months. Finding such a new candidate does not imply any additional costs for the client.

Sowelo’s recruitment strategies, implementation areas and experience

Sowelo’s many years of operation means extensive experience in the market as well as a competitive advantage. Sowelo specializes in recruiting in many areas of the IT industry, such as process automation, robotics, software. Other Sowelo recruiting areas include internet, storage, infrastructure, networking, security, mobile and consulting services.

Keep in mind that Sowelo consultants also recruit successfully from other industries. Suffice it to mention financial services, healthcare, e-commerce, insurance, or mutual funds – the range is truly wide!

So far, Sowelo recruiters have successfully recruited many specialists. We can mention, for example, Branch Director, Software Architect, Financial Controller, Business Analyst, Chief Accountant, Credit Controller and Program Manager. PMO Director, Management Consultant, Accounting Manager, Transition Project Manager, Network Engineer, System Architect, as well as Operation Director, R&D Center Lead, Sales Executive, Compliance Officer, Team Supervisor, and Unit Manager. For more information check the company’s website.

Sowelo Consulting Agency – how do we attract highly qualified manpower?

For 15 years of its presence on the market, Sowelo Consulting agency has been successfully implementing more projects and acquiring talent for its clients. On the company’s website we can find several examples of so-called case studies, which describe successfully completed IT recruitment Poland for individual clients from various industries and countries around the world.

A U.S. company operating in the marketing field decided to use Sowelo RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Sowelo’s task was to present the client’s brand as an employer in the local market. A number of specialists were needed. The recruiters promoted the company’s brand, prepared the talent strategy and developed the entire process of sourcing tech professionals. The entire hiring process was carried out successfully. As many as 400 candidates were delivered, 70 of whom were hired by the client as developers, testers, support engineers, DevOps or automation testers.

Another example of Sowelo’s work available at is the cooperation with a client from Finland, which the company supported with Interim Recruitment and Employer Branding services. 3 consultants from Sowelo worked with the client conducting IT recruitment Poland. In less than a month, more than 30 profiles of potential candidates were provided to the company. 85% of the applications were successful, the company hired 12 people in the first month of working with Sowelo, and a total of 57 people recommended by the consultants.

Another example is a U.S. company offering services and solutions for business. It was offered a direct search service. Sowelo has been working with this client for years, and thanks to the efforts of recruiters, Java and JavaScript developers, Cloudera Infrastructire engineers or BigData architects, among others, were hired, and a suitable candidate was found for the position of Delivery Manager.

Awards for Sowelo Consulting’s outsourcing activities

In 2017 Sowelo Consulting became a partner of Finland’s largest headhunting company InHunt Group, which brings together the best recruitment agencies from more than 30 countries as part of the InHunt World international network of companies. As of 2020 Sowelo is a member of the Coalition for Friendly Recruitment.

Sowelo’s activities were honored in 2021 with the title of Business Cheetah 2021 by the Institute of European Business. It is awarded to dynamically developing companies with a strong market position and high level of trust. High revenue dynamics and an average net profit to revenue ratio of 58.5%, in turn, resulted in the title of Strong Trustworthy Company 2021.

Most recently, in December 2022 Sowelo Consulting was recognized once again. The company was listed among the top 1,000 companies in the world on the Clutch portal.